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  • Amflor Oral Rinse

    Amflor OR’s higher retention of fluoride increases enamel hardness and offers long term protection against caries, as compared to inorganic fluorides. It also helps in maintaining good oral hygiene while using braces. Use Amflor toothpaste to complement usage of Amflor OR for full benefit and overall care whilst using braces.
  • Freshclor

    Freshclor is a specially formulated mouthwash to ensure fresh breath and complete oral wellness. Freshclor mouthwash helps eliminate harmful bacteria and neutralizes volatile sulphur compounds that cause bad breath. Freshclor mouthwash can be used regularly for prevention of plaque, gum diseases, maintain good oral hygiene and even post-surgery. Freshclor has a mild spring mint flavour. Rinse mouth with undiluted 10 ml Freshclor solution in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Guard-OR

    Guard-OR guards the oral cavity against plaque formation and gum diseases. Guard-OR has the added advantage of having fluoride and natural sweeteners as its ingredients. It helps maintain overall oral hygiene. Guard-OR comes in a pleasantly refreshing mint taste and can be used as a gargle for throat.
  • SHY-OR

    SHY Oral Rinse is specifically designed for people with dental hypersensitivity. Hypersensitivity in teeth is the short sharp pain you may feel when consuming hot, cold, sweet or sour food or beverages over exposed dentin surfaces. SHY-OR comes in a refreshing mint taste.